Instructions to Top Cover Operation

Please take care when opening or closing the printer’s cover by carefully following

these instructions

To Open:

When facing the front of the printer pull the green cover release levers on both

       sides of the printer towards you.

Lift up the top gradually. There are two stop positions for the top cover. Position 1

and 2 are found on the right side of the printer as you open.

Note: To hold the cover open at position 1, you must lift the cover higher

than the stopping point at position 1 and gently lower the cover to stopping point 1. D not let the cover free fall

Fully open the top cover and gently lower it to stop position 2.

To close the cover, lift up the top cover again and it will be kept at a stop position

between 1 and 2 for a while. Use both handsto gently push down the top cover to

close it and make sure the cover is ltched on both sides

Note: Do not place your hands between top cover and lower cover

when closing the top cover

DO NOT FORCE THE COVER!  f\If you are not sure if top cover is fixed at stop

position, please do not push top cover to close it or thetop cover will be damaged.

Please fully open the top cover again. Use both hands to push top cover to

close it.

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